Currently my web site is hosted without JSP functionality. However, I’ve written the entire web site in JSP and XML, so that I can simply edit two xml documents (one for the presentation at the beginning and one for the the main resume site). But since I can’t run those JSPs on my web site, I run them locally, and save all the pages (I use an app that does it for me) and ftp them to my hosted site. The only trouble is that I have to alter the links from having the .jsp extensions, and in some cases there is one jsp that takes a page name and produces the content. That link looks like this: index.jsp?slide=pagename. So that’s a lot of editing I have to do to the static html files before ftp’ing them to the live site.

So tonight I looked to see if I could make the .html extension run jsp pages, so that all my links would be correct without having to modify them. I found this helpful Filter which does exactly that. The filter looks at the URL requested, for example index.html, and translates it to index.jsp. I renamed all of my jsps on my local server to the html extension, and now when I run them to get static versions all the links work.