Just a thought for Internet Web Development departments. Many times a department will make a decision to use another technology (for example, an open source Java library) which is free. Its quickly implemented, but the department and the company never stop to calculate the true costs. When adding any new technology, there will always be a learning curve, not only for the current employees but also for any new employees brought on in the future (whether out of growth or for replacement). As well, now that an additional skill set, or API knowledge is needed, it might increase what the company has to pay to hire an employee.

The added technology may solve a real problem, and may not cost the department anything up front. But the question is, how much company time and money will it cost down the road? Will it be harder to replace any employees who have this new knowledge? Will other employees in the department need training? How quickly will they be able to pick it up? Will it unnecessarily complicate your application?

All important questions to ask.