While its surprising to some, there are actually users who aren’t yet familiar with the wonders of RSS and have yet to experience it, and are curious what the icons and links on websites are used for.

The idea behind RSS is that a web site ‘feeds’ your pc with a list of updated content so that your Reader software tells you what is new and that there is something new, instead of you having to look around to find out if there something is new. These ‘feeds’ are formatted in XML. If you are a news and information junky like I am, and don’t want to miss any information on your favorite topics, then RSS is perfect for you.

I use RSS feeds for all my news and information nowdays. I don’t go to cnn.com or foxnews.com to see if there is new news, my RSS software tells me there is new news. I have hundreds of RSS feeds that I monitor from entertainment to politics, to sports, opinions, etc, etc. And every time new content is posted to one of these hundreds of web sites I monitor, my RSS software shows me I have some new news to read.

In order to enjoy the wonders of RSS, you will need an RSS Reader.

There are web sites that offer RSS reader services, like these (where you go to a web site to see the latest RSS feeds):
Google Reader

Personally I prefer installing an RSS reader on my PC. The following two readers are for Windows. For linux I use Akregator.
Pluck RSS Reader

Another option, if you use Firefox as your browser (which you should), is to install the Sage plugin. You can read about that in a previous post of mine. I have now switched however to the above mentioned Akregator.

Install one of these, add in a few feeds, and start to experience the benefits. Before long, you’ll wonder how you ever managed all the information on the Internet without RSS.