If so, Karen Salmansohn, on her blog, discusses the number one trait of a great leader.

The trait? Fun. She says:

Yes, fun. It made sense. Employees are more inspired to be productive when they work in a fun work environment – than in a tough, serious space which operates on fear and stressful internal competition.

I agree that it is at the very least one of the top traits. Every leader that I have enjoyed working for has made my job fun. That doesn’t mean it was all fun and games, but that I enjoyed my work, and there were frequent lighthearted moments. We all work better in these circumstances (yes, even you serious stick-in-the-muds). I’ve never understood why so many IT Managers want to make their department more efficient so they begin cracking down and toughening up, and essentially taking all the fun out of the job. Motivation slips, passion slips, morale plummets, and soon the best employees leave for greener pastures. I’ve seen it happen in several of my jobs, and it never ceases to amaze me that it continues to be tried as a way to improve the department.

So, current and aspiring IT leaders, ask yourself, are you fun?