I did not attend FOWA in Miami last week, but after just 20 minutes of following the twitter stream of #FOWA, I wished I had. The twitter stream was very informative and provided some great quotes and tips from the superb lineup of speakers they had. The organizer of FOWA should make it a point at future conferences to market the twitter feed, because following it led me to realize I absolutely must attend the next one.

I compiled a list of my favorite twitterered quotes and tips from the FOWA feed. Note: Each tip indicates the speaker first, then the tip, and then who provided it via twitter:

  • @garyvee: the sucky people are going to lose jobs and people with real skills are going to flourish = “market correction” (via @whitneyhess)
  • @spolsky: Breaking bread together every day is critical for team dynamic. Daily team meal keeps them all motivated, connected (via @whitneyhess)
  • ?: “If you want 2 create the next phenomenal app stop treating your programming like an assembly line + more like a movie studio.” (via @snoebiz)
  • @spolsky: You have to create conversations about your app… advertising isn’t going to work anymore. (via @dimensionmedia)
  • @halvorson: Your content is a strategic asset for your brand. Treat it as such. (via @alexdc)
  • @spolsky: How to scale your dev team: Lower barriers. Recognize that Jedis are rare, & you need to keep them focused on their core competancies (via @whitneyhess)
  • ?: You need uninterrupted time to get work done. Too many people are doing work “moments” throughout their day. (via @orian)
  • @jasonfried: if you want to be productive stay the hell away from each other (via @vincefrantz)
  • @jasonfried: HTML email gets better results than text emails (via @genuine)
  • @jasonfried: Percentage coupons seem to drive more sales than dollar off coupons. (via @jseifer)
  • @jasonfried: People are going to trust free services/products less. People will look at companies that are stable. (via @refreshdetroit)
  • @jasonfried: I don’t pay attention to the competitors, I don’t care about the competition. I focus on building a great product (via @frederickduboi)
  • @jasonfried: Don’t focus on the competition. We’re in a world where 100 companies doing the same thing can be very successful (via @whitneyhess)
  • @jasonfried: is there a culture of failure for startups in tech? Jason Fried is saying that fail early and fail often is the current mantra (via @carybran)
  • @jasonfried: Fail early and fail often” is not a good credo. Don’t learn from mistakes, better to learn from your successes (via @Murrayiz)
  • @jasonfried: “Somehow failure became cool.” Wouldn’t tell a farmer to fail early & fail often. Why do we think it’s ok in software? (via @whitneyhess)