For most of my 15 year career, I’ve worked full time for a company while doing some work on the side. I’ve done freelance and consulting work, as well as founded several products and companies. Two years ago I incorporated as Agile Nomads, and the name wasn’t picked just because it sounded cool. I didn’t choose the adjective ‘Agile’ because of the recent movement toward the agile development process either. Agile for me has long been a way of life. I don’t like five year plans, and don’t believe you can know where your company, product or career will be in 5 years. I believe that life is a twisting, turning path of unpredictability. It’s full of changes, and the better and more comfortable you become with making proactive decisions amidst those changes, the greater your chances become of reaching your ultimate goals. In the face of change and opportunity, I focus on my principles, my strengths, the things I enjoy doing, the types of people I like working with and specific challenges I put before myself at various times.

Though I recently left my previous full time job, it was mostly because that job had reached an end on its own. MileyWorld wasn’t looking good as a product for the future, and I had so many prospective clients requesting my services, that I decided to leave my full time job at MileyWorld and work for myself and with those clients. It was the right decision in that situation. I worked on some great projects with some great people over the last two months. I only wish there had been more hours in a day so I wouldn’t have had to turn down so many other projects.

Through it all, however, I missed one thing. I missed being able to really focus all of my energy singularly and consistently on a specific project with a specific team. Then, an opportunity came up that grabbed my attention. After several discussions to ensure it was a good fit for both parties, I accepted an offer from Spark Labs and begin working there on November 15th. I’m looking forward to working with the team and the organization. The products are very innovative and challenging and I believe we are a good fit for each other.

While my focus will be on helping Spark Labs, I will be spending the remainder of my free time and focus on Commendable Kids. I strongly believe in its purpose and the benefits it brings to children and families. I fully intend on building it into a successful business over the year ahead and working with my own team of incredible people to accomplish it.

It’s amazing to me that this big change has occurred so quickly on the heels of my last announcement of major life changes, but to me, responding to each and every situation in life with the best decision possible at the time is in itself a wonderful challenge. I’ll spend the next two weeks wrapping up other client projects, and then make the transition to working with Spark Labs full time and give all I can to help them achieve their goals.