It hurts when you join a company and a team and while appearing to welcome you and accept you, they lie, scheme or gossip behind your back. We’ve all experienced this at some point either in our work or personal lives.

While it’s true there are many cases where we should practice the old adage, “once bitten, twice shy”, being afraid to emotionally commit and connect can hold us back from some very valuable experiences and relationships.

Opening ourselves up can certainly carry with it the risk of getting hurt or being let down, but it also has the potential to enrich us beyond measure and gives us the opportunity to enrich others and show a strong character even in situations where we are mistreated and wronged.

I’m thankful that despite being recently bitten myself, I was quickly presented with an opportunity to commit and trust again and I decided to go “all in” one more time. Giving in to my fear might protect me from potential heartache, but it would also cost me the chance to be part of something incredible. So deep breath, and here we go. Let’s do this.