Rails Rumble 09 is Over
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PeepNoteIt’s over. After a month of intense planning, several months of searching for a designer, and 48 hours of nonstep coding, save for a total of 7 hrs of sleep, my Agile Nomads Rumble team pulled it off. It was a lot of fun, though I had the unfortunate experience of having to go through the entire thing with a wicked head and chest cold. When I finally got home I found I had a fever. Recovery time ahead for me.

Our entry was PeepNote.com. It’s an application that allows the user to import all their Twitter friends and then annotate them with notes and tags. I’ve long wished I could remember why I started following someone (maybe met them at a conference), or keep my self from re-following someone that I stopped following for some reason (like the fact that they are negative all the time perhaps, or never talk about anything of interest).

The interface is really easy to use and very quick to get started. After signing into your Twitter account, you can simply click the PeepNote login button, give us your email and all your Twitter friends will be imported, up to 250 (a limitation only in place for the Rumble, due to the size of the free server we are on, and lack of time to do a thorough job to enhance performance to you can import your 45,000 twitter people.

Once you’ve added notes (like food they like, the fact they have 2 kids and/or a spouse, where you met them, etc), you can easily search and filter your peeps by tag. A very handy tool if like me, you meet a lot of people on Twitter.

My team consisted of Steve Pothoven, working his magic with Prototype, Scriptaculous, and RJS, as well as doing all the server setup, and assisting me on the Rails development. Josh Hemsley was the designer I finally decided on after a lot of searching, and I can say that I am so thankful I didn’t find a designer any sooner. He was such a pleasure to work with, was very committed, and turned out what I think is the best designed app of the Rumble. As well, Linda Olson joined our team. I recently came on board with her at WOMbeat! as a partner handling the CTO duties, and asked her to pitch in by performing the role of QA, content writer, and video producer. Her critical eye helped us spot numerous errors to produce a high quality entry and complete it on time.

In the week or so ahead, I’ll document the process I went through in planning this weekend, and how the four of us worked together from three locations without missing a beat. I’ll discuss lessons learned, and what we used to get the job done quickly. As well, in the next 24 hours I’ll be adding the video here that Linda worked on. We weren’t able to finish it in time to put on the home page, but, I can still post it here once we finish.

So stayed tune, and please let me know what you think of PeepNote. I think its a very helpful app for Twitter users, and once the competition is over, there are great plans in the works to expand it to do an even better job of helping you remember the important things about the people you meet online.

Update:The video from youtube has been added below.

Rails Rumble 09
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Rails Rumble 09 Badge

I will be participating in the Rails Rumble 09 this year with design Josh Hemsley and Rails/Javascript developer Steve Pothoven. We have begun or planning and I’m really excited about the project and the team I’m working with.

Favorite tips from FOWA (via Twitter)
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I did not attend FOWA in Miami last week, but after just 20 minutes of following the twitter stream of #FOWA, I wished I had. The twitter stream was very informative and provided some great quotes and tips from the superb lineup of speakers they had. The organizer of FOWA should make it a point at future conferences to market the twitter feed, because following it led me to realize I absolutely must attend the next one.

I compiled a list of my favorite twitterered quotes and tips from the FOWA feed. Note: Each tip indicates the speaker first, then the tip, and then who provided it via twitter:

  • @garyvee: the sucky people are going to lose jobs and people with real skills are going to flourish = “market correction” (via @whitneyhess)
  • @spolsky: Breaking bread together every day is critical for team dynamic. Daily team meal keeps them all motivated, connected (via @whitneyhess)
  • ?: “If you want 2 create the next phenomenal app stop treating your programming like an assembly line + more like a movie studio.” (via @snoebiz)
  • @spolsky: You have to create conversations about your app… advertising isn’t going to work anymore. (via @dimensionmedia)
  • @halvorson: Your content is a strategic asset for your brand. Treat it as such. (via @alexdc)
  • @spolsky: How to scale your dev team: Lower barriers. Recognize that Jedis are rare, & you need to keep them focused on their core competancies (via @whitneyhess)
  • ?: You need uninterrupted time to get work done. Too many people are doing work “moments” throughout their day. (via @orian)
  • @jasonfried: if you want to be productive stay the hell away from each other (via @vincefrantz)
  • @jasonfried: HTML email gets better results than text emails (via @genuine)
  • @jasonfried: Percentage coupons seem to drive more sales than dollar off coupons. (via @jseifer)
  • @jasonfried: People are going to trust free services/products less. People will look at companies that are stable. (via @refreshdetroit)
  • @jasonfried: I don’t pay attention to the competitors, I don’t care about the competition. I focus on building a great product (via @frederickduboi)
  • @jasonfried: Don’t focus on the competition. We’re in a world where 100 companies doing the same thing can be very successful (via @whitneyhess)
  • @jasonfried: is there a culture of failure for startups in tech? Jason Fried is saying that fail early and fail often is the current mantra (via @carybran)
  • @jasonfried: Fail early and fail often” is not a good credo. Don’t learn from mistakes, better to learn from your successes (via @Murrayiz)
  • @jasonfried: “Somehow failure became cool.” Wouldn’t tell a farmer to fail early & fail often. Why do we think it’s ok in software? (via @whitneyhess)
Acts as Conference coverage on Ruby Rails Review
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client_ruby_rail_review.png AgileNomads is in attendance at the Acts as Conference 2009 in Orlando. It’s cold, but we are ready to learn and talk Rails for the next two days. If you weren’t able to make it, watch www.RubyRailsReview.com for notes and links to articles from the speakers throughout the two days.

Acts as Conference 2009 is this weekend
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Counting the hours until Acts as Conference 2009. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but a lot of work as well. Will return with a brain bursting at the seams, and in desperate need of an all day nap on Sunday.

Agile Nomads will be covering the conference on Ruby Rails Review; publishing all related links and news throughout the day as they come to us. We will also be giving away a nice prize, and providing links to local and hotel information, as well as maps and conference room floor plans.

More information coming soon on the giveaway and how to enter.

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