Company Culture Must Be a Fit for Employee and Employer

If you’ve been paying attention to the startup world over the last few years, you are very familiar with the emphasis on company culture. 37 Signals and Zappos might be two of the most famous companies for stressing the concept, but many of the successful startups have discussed the importance and purposefulness of it as well.

When you think about company culture, you might think about the way the office is designed, the clothes people wear to work, the benefits provided, and the company mission statement for dealing with customers and employees. But what you don’t often hear about are all the other pieces that come together to form the company culture.

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iPad 2: Extensive Comparison
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As usual, I was one of the over enthusiastic bunch that waited in line for a chance to buy the iPad the minute it was available. The next morning, I awoke with the burning question many of you may have: is this new iPad really that much better than the original? Is it worth the cost of upgrading? So I began my extensive test to compare both versions. I spent two hours comparing them with the help of my son, also a heavy iPad user. I also continued to use it all throughout the weekend, and this post contains my findings

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Happy Birthday to my Son and Best Friend
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Today is my Son’s 13th birthday. It’s hard to believe its been that long since he was born. I’m so blessed to have had the privilege of watching him grow into such a fine young man. His heart if full of willingness to help others whenever he can and whenever he is asked. He is fearless in reaching toward his goals, attempting things I myself was never able to at his age. I’ve been inspired watching him work hard at the skate park to learn new tricks, getting back up when he falls, trying over and over again without feeling defeated; playing football with him in any weather, repeating the same pass plays over and over, no matter how many times he dropped the ball, he wanted ‘one more pass’ because he wants to get better; seeing him march on the field with his fellow Civil War reenactors, most of whom are adults, watching him fire cannons and rifles, performing difficult drills, and doing whatever is asked of him to support his group; watching him work hard around the house so he can earn the hundreds of dollars he’s need to purchase his Civil War gear; it’s all been such an amazing blessing to be a part of.

Over the year’s he’s helped his church, raised thousands of dollars to support unwed mothers in their unexpected pregnancies, and helped out numerous times at our local community center. And, while he prefers playing football, skateboarding, firing guns, and many other things that boys his age love, he still has no problem finding time and energy to play with his little sister, and do the things that she enjoys that he would otherwise have no interest in.

He’s a huge help at home, both to myself and his mother. He does his chores reliably, gets his school work done, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had to discipline him in the last several years. He has become more than just my son, he is one of my best friends. In many ways I look up to him, and on his birthday today, I wanted to take a moment to say, thank you to him for his love, his commitment, his friendship and for often times being the person that I myself wish I was.

You sir, are commendable. Happy Birthday. This badge is for you.

And yet another change…announcing my new job

For most of my 15 year career, I’ve worked full time for a company while doing some work on the side. I’ve done freelance and consulting work, as well as founded several products and companies. Two years ago I incorporated as Agile Nomads, and the name wasn’t picked just because it sounded cool. I didn’t choose the adjective ‘Agile’ because of the recent movement toward the agile development process either. Agile for me has long been a way of life. I don’t like five year plans, and don’t believe you can know where your company, product or career will be in 5 years. I believe that life is a twisting, turning path of unpredictability. It’s full of changes, and the better and more comfortable you become with making proactive decisions amidst those changes, the greater your chances become of reaching your ultimate goals. In the face of change and opportunity, I focus on my principles, my strengths, the things I enjoy doing, the types of people I like working with and specific challenges I put before myself at various times.

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The Pains of Switching Checking Accounts…and the online solution

I recently switched checking accounts and I have so many auto payments going and online services hitting it that its been a total nightmare to get them all switched over. On top of that, I often have several accounts where I keep money and I’ve long found using that money to be a pain when spread out.

That got me thinking, that it would make for an interesting online service, to have a front account, complete with checks and debit card, that you would always use, but then hit whichever account you had setup with it at the time. This could also be a great solution to security issues. No one would really ever have access to your true accounts, only this account facade. The service could also easily help track all expenses across all accounts and log them all. You could setup that certain expenses pull from one account and other expenses pull from another. You would have a grace period of a day on all purchases before it hit your account, to report a false payment, and decide which account that particular expense should come out of.

With this, you could actually keep your money in multiple banks, benefiting from various different features at different banks, without the hassle of bank switching.

Just a thought. If anyone decides to go with this, let me know.


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