I have worked with Brian two years in a row on a high profile project for one of our clients. Both times the project has been under a very tight deadline with constant changes in scope. Brian pulled through to deliver excellent work on deadline both years. He is great at prioritizing tasks and providing solutions to unexpected issues. I would love to work with Brian again in the future, he is consistent and reliable.
– Ruthie Baer, Interactive Producer at Vitro
Brian is a self-motivated and very competent designer and developer. His work with IMM Inc. is with our high-profile client Miley Cyrus, designing, testing, implementing and supporting Miley’s official online presence including her proprietary social network “MileyWorld”. Brian conducts himself professionally and efficiently and also has excellent communication and innovation skills. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any project.
– Andy Smith, President, IMM (MileyWorld.com)
The St. Francis Society Animal Rescue has been looking for some time for an off-the-shelf software package that would help us better manage the animals coming into our care and the business side of our organization. We never found one, but in working with Agile Nomads, we have a backroom solution to our web site that will take us where we need to go as a long-time member of the rescue community in Hillsborough County. It has added much needed efficiencies, allows us to respond more quickly to public inquiries and calls for help as well as puts us in a better position to take advantage of grantwriting opportunities. Many of our volunteers–those who are tech-savvy and those who are not–have quickly embraced the solution that helped us adopt 710 cats and dogs in 2008.
– Jim Martinelli, St. Francis Society Animal Rescue (luvamutt.org)
Brian was initially hired as a senior Java developer, but he quickly proved to be a leader and mentored other developers. I have enjoyed working with Brian for the 2 years he was with me. He is a very detail oriented and has good grasp of core technologies. He created architecture, designed and implemented a very complex ecommerce application that executes more than a billion messages per year and is processing more than Billion dollar’s in revenue through this system for IHG.
– Jeevan Nomula, Owner, GCA (ichotelsgroup.com)

I was lucky to have a second opportunity to work with Brian at GCA. He is an outstanding leader who successfully designed, developed and implemented several revenue generating applications. He is a calm and patient mentor who can work in fast paced dynamic environments while meeting the goals a business sets.
– Anu Pabla, Senior Software Developer/Analyst, InterContinental Hotels Group
I found Brian to be an extremely dedicated and hard-working co-worker. He was always available to share his extensive knowledge of software development. He has particular expertise, among many, in configuring project builds (e.g. Maven, CheckStyle, PMD, etc). Although I worked in a different group, I understand that Brian was the chief designer of the XML and Spring-based B2B project. This was a rather large project that took several months to complete. Brian assiduously brought the project to completion, eliminating defects (which were few) and optimizing performance.
– Robert White, Java Architect/Tech Lead, GCA consulting for Intercontinental Hotels Group
As the Systems IT Architect for Business Systems and On Demand Offerings, I have worked with Brian on several projects at IBM. Brian is very knowledgeable in areas of the latest web application development technology. He was able to quickly learn the existing design and code when he joined the team, and has been a productive team player. Brian has had a very positive influence on our major component designs and implementations, ensuring that we are taking advantage of the appropriate technology in the most efficient way.
– Mary Ellen Siksa, Executive IT Architect, IBM
In my interaction with Brian, he was the best at being a visionary. He could see things that no one else saw, sometimes in the ordinary and sometimes in complex, detailed situations.
– John Pask, Project Manager , Cox Target Media
I have worked with Brian Burridge on two highly visible projects during his tenure at IBM. I found Brian to be very innovative and creative in his approach to solving the technical challenges that both of these projects presented to him and to our team. Brian was also very responsive to any requests that came his way, and was able to adjust to changing demands and priorities in a very positive and business like manner. Brian always met his deadlines and in most cases, delivered his work ahead of schedule. Additionally, Brian was very conscious of keeping within budget on his assignments and consulted with me often regarding dollars spent and remaining expenditures.
– Ken Williamson, Project Manager , IBM
As a development manager I know Brian as a very competent, knowledgeable, and capable individual. He produces quality work in a timely fashion. He possesses excellent program/system design skills, is a very good researcher investigating product solutions, and is a superior J2EE developer. Brian is technically astute, works well with teams, and adjusts quickly to different environments. He adapts quickly to different development methodology’s, is self reliant, and a self starter. I would strongly recommend Brian for any IT post and would welcome the opportunity to discuss his merits.
– David Wilson, Development Manager , IBM
Brian took on the lead role of a two person development team that integrated and delivered complex reporting for an enterprise-wide financial web application that consisted of over a hundred reports implemented in Jasper and OpenReports. His dedication and effort was a significant factor in the perceived success of this significant development project. Brian has the ability to focus on the most intricate development details while keeping the overall abstract architecture in scope. His structured approach to problem solving has often revealed root causes that other developers have overlooked.
– Dan Wilson, Systems Architect, Bright House Networks
Brian is a highly skilled developer. Besides being proficient in current core technologies such as Java and XML, he keeps himself informed of new technologies and reusable frameworks. Brian can creatively see how these new products can be applied to projects to accelerate development. Brian is also very aggressive in problem determination. He is not satisfied with a simple quick fix, but ensures the problem is fixed correctly and completely. In addition to basic development tasks, Brian has been a significant contributor to product analysis and design as well as improving source code control, build processes, and automated testing procedures. Brian is best at researching new technologies, organizing his research so he can find it back and duplicate steps involved, and determining how these technologies can be applied to current problems. He is good at integrating new technologies in a new beneficial way that no one else thought of, but is very useful. Brian is well organized. He keeps close track of tasks to be completed as well as lessons he has learned during task completion and independent research. Brian is also a very dependable worker. He completes his assigned tasks on time with quality deliverables as well as performing additional, unscheduled work to improve these deliverables.
– Steven Pothoven, Software Engineer Analyst and Technical Lead , IBM
I worked with Brian during his time at IBM. As part of our development team Brian worked to design and develop an XML messaging infrastructure. This infrastructure receives data from a variety of sources, transported by multiple protocols and sends it to various locations/applications. He participated in all phases of this project including planning, development, quality and lifecycle. He is a self starter, innovative and expert in lots of technical areas including Object Oriented Design, J2EE, Java and Websphere. He was proactive in introducing our team to the Maven product which helped reduce configuration management issues and streamlined our code deployment processes. He is confident, articulate and an asset to any team.
– Christine Dowling, Software Engineer , IBM
I started my information technology career under the tutelage of Brian. Not only was he incredibly skilled in the J2EE technologies we were working with, but he was also an excellent teacher and communicator. As a team lead, he was incredibly organized, adaptive, and efficient. He was able to break down and organize complex user requirements into separate documented solutions that team members could proceed to implement in a timely manner. He also knew how to challenge, motivate, and encourage all of his team members to become better developers. I owe much of my current success as a developer to the skills and work ethic that I learned while working closely with Brian. Although we no longer work directly together, we still remain in contact and I appreciate his advice related to the multitude of technological challenges I pose to him. Brian is an excellent analytical problem solver and, along with the technological knowledge he possesses, his leadership, resourcefulness, and determination will make him an invaluable asset to any organization. From my experience he is best at figuring out how to do things and figuring out how to tackle problems in an organized systematic fashion. He’s also best at researching to find out the best solution to a problem at hand. He objectively looks at the problem at hand and does a lot of systematic research and then puts it all together to come up with a solution and then acts upon it.
– Rick Reumann, Software Developer, Nielsen Media Research
I had the opportunity to work closely with Brian for 2 years during his employment at Cox Target Media. Brian mentored me and several other developers on several projects. He enjoys sharing his experience, knowledge and giving guidance on application design architecture. I am pleased to say that Brian is a team player, a kind and sincere individual, and an ideal mentor. Brian was always available for me in situations where deadlines on projects were difficult to meet. I was glad to have worked with him, since the higher-ups always praised the assignments that were completed on time.
– Anu Pabla, Senior Developer , Cox Target Media (3.5 years)
I’ve worked closely with Brian for nearly two years now and I can truly say that his innovation, problem solving skills, and strong technical expertise have been crucial in the success of our application design and development.
– Jackson Reavill, Application Development DBA , IBM
I worked alongside Brian during a major application launch. I valued his input on issues I was dealing with because he approached them in a disciplined, yet creative way. I learned quite a few things just by working with Brian, including better software design, coding best practices, and proper web standards. Most of all, I appreciated Brian’s attitude when it came to mission critical tasks: there was always a solution to be found–not just workarounds, but real, extensible solutions.
– Keith Sherwood, Systems Developer, Bright House Networks
Brian is a proficient and highly skilled developer who always exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Brian on many levels beyond software development. He is also a visionary and a likeable leader. Brian is an excellent communicator that delivers results! I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Brian not only because of his quality work, but also his strong work ethic and kindness.
– Tammy McDaniel, Internet Operations Manager, Cox Target Media/Valpak
Received high marks on last job review for “Teamwork”, “Customer Focus” (based on feedback from business clients), and “Initiative/Motivation
– Cox Target Media
Recognized 7 times for outstanding performance.
– Cox Target Media