We are all used to seeing the traditional UML class diagram, and while quite boring aesthetically, it still serves its purpose (if you can keep it updated). But, for some fun and an interestingly new visual perspective, try the Relief 3d model view of your application. It only takes a few minutes to setup.

All you need is a JRE version 1.5 and up, the Java3d library, the Relief jar, and the project description.

The project description takes the most amount of time because you must list all dependencies of your project. You also have to properly set the jrePath and the basedir path. Once you’ve done this, and saved the project.xml into the Relief directory where you unzipped it, you can start the 3d model viewer with this command:

java -jar relief.jar projects.xml

When the view comes up there are different options. You can zoom in and out, rotate in 3d, double click on a class opening a new window to isolate it.