Just a crazy idea (or a fresh idea as I prefer to say) to throw out there: I wish my laptop had a headset mode. By this I mean, that when in headset mode, should I accidentally pull the headset plugin from my laptop, the blaring rock music I have playing doesn’t treat everyone in the surrounding area (ie. cube row, Starbucks, etc) to a frightening musical feast. The laptop would know in this mode, NOT to play music from the speakers even if there is no earphone plugin inserted. This would also include system beeps.

A few weeks ago while working at home (thank goodness), I cat’d a “text” file from my telnet window that turned out to contain strange binary characters which caused my laptop to scream in incoherent beeps, like R2D2 being tortured. Unfortunately, muting the sound did nothing, nor did plugging in the earphones, and it took the usual insane amount of time to kill the process under Windows. Somewhere a child cried, a dog howled, and my eardrums virtually bled. I shutter to think of the embarrassment this would have caused had it occurred while working publicly.

Is it really that difficult a request? I expect if this already exists it would be on a Mac.