If you create a lot of Rails sites like I do, for odds and ends information tracking, or to try out new ideas, setting up your Rails application each time can be a pain, as Nicolas points out in his post, Creating a new rails app shouldn’t be boring. Though I would point out that its only boring because as Rails developers we expect to get so much done so quickly. Eventually, Rails developers want to automate everything, because we know we can, and we expect to never have to do by hand anything redundant anymore.

So creating your Rails app, configuring it and installing your favorite plugins is no exception. Nicolas shows his solution to creating a script to build his Rails apps skeletons. I plan on doing this as soon as I have some free time. I love the idea of running one script and having a skeleton app checked into source control and deployed out on to my slice in minutes. No overhead. Have an idea and five minutes later I’m coding.