I’m about a month overdue on this, but I have to take a moment and outline the many changes I’ve made in the last month. First, I changed jobs. For the last two years I worked with Jeevan Nomula over at GCA in New Tampa, FL. We were a group of about 10 contractors working for Intercontinental Hotels based out of Atlanta. I served as a Team Lead and Designer for a Java ESB for the company’s reservation and availability apis. It was a great team to work with and Jeevan was a fantastic boss. But as you may know from following my blog, I have really fallen in love with Rails over the last year, and I really wanted to spend some time working in that full time, so I took a new position with Interactive Media Marketing. They are based five minutes from my house and develop Miley Cyrus’s official web site and fan club.

It’s a fabulous opportunity to work in a new language I love, in a non-corporate environment (after years I needed a change from that), on a front-end type web site instead of a corporate back end “invisible” web application. Taking this job not only resulted in the change of job, but cascaded into many other changes. Here’s a list:

  • Corporate => Small Business
  • Java => Rails
  • Long commute (as I’ve done for the past six years) => to extremely short commute
  • Backend app => front end app
  • Windows OS => Mac OS (oh is this incredible…more on that later)

I guess it was just time to change it all up! And so far, all the changes are coming to together nicely.