I’m pleased to announce that my team, currently all two of us, known as Agile Nomads, has released a new site to assist in monitoring the news in the Ruby and Rails industry. It’s called Ruby Rails Review and is designed to be very simple, small on download size, thus fast to load, and very quick to see an overview of what’s going on in the community.

Thanks to my team mate Steve Pothoven for his work on the very nice CMS tool that you can’t see but that makes updating the information a snap. Also much thanks to Beth at DblTake Designs for the design of our Agile Nomads logo.

Feel free to send in your Ruby or Rails blogs, sites, events, and articles for consideration. We won’t post everything, but we’ll post the best of what is out there in our humble opinions. You can send your suggestions to [email protected]

You can follow us on Twitter as well, to be notified of some more features we will be adding, and more products we plan to release in the future.