As I mentioned on previous blog posts, I competed in Rails Rumble last weekend, a 48 hour competition to create the best web site possible in that time. Read more about it here.

We made the top 22 finalist list and are doing well during public voting, but I need your help.

Would you please try out the site, and vote for us here?

In order to win, we need more 5 and 4 star ratings to raise our average. I think the site is very useful for people who have a hard time keeping track of important information about the people they follow on Twitter.

Thanks and while you are trying it, could you use the ‘Tweet This’ link on the left of the screen (once logged in) to tell your followers about it?

And once again, here is the video about PeepNote if you haven’t seen it yet.

Update: PeepNote finished in 8th place. Thank you for all your votes. PeepNote will live on past the Rumble and grow to become even better, so watch the PeepNote blog for more announcements.