I recently switched checking accounts and I have so many auto payments going and online services hitting it that its been a total nightmare to get them all switched over. On top of that, I often have several accounts where I keep money and I’ve long found using that money to be a pain when spread out.

That got me thinking, that it would make for an interesting online service, to have a front account, complete with checks and debit card, that you would always use, but then hit whichever account you had setup with it at the time. This could also be a great solution to security issues. No one would really ever have access to your true accounts, only this account facade. The service could also easily help track all expenses across all accounts and log them all. You could setup that certain expenses pull from one account and other expenses pull from another. You would have a grace period of a day on all purchases before it hit your account, to report a false payment, and decide which account that particular expense should come out of.

With this, you could actually keep your money in multiple banks, benefiting from various different features at different banks, without the hassle of bank switching.

Just a thought. If anyone decides to go with this, let me know.