As I referenced yesterday in my previous post, I have, after much consideration, decided to leave my role as CTO at Tour Wrist and move on to other things. I won’t review the reasoning here in detail, but will summarize, that I put my best efforts into that position for 8 months, and believe I helped provide a more solid technology platform they can build on for years to come, as well as provided some valuable input into their business plan. But in the end, the company culture simply wasn’t a fit with the way I think and work and problem solve. And when you aren’t able to be yourself, everything just feels off. It’s exhausting. When that happens its time to move on for the good of everyone involved.

I’m blessed that I have always had other opportunities, but at times it can make decision making overwhelming when there are so many good choices and good people to work with. I appreciate all your interest and offers and considered them all carefully, but in the end, my heart spoke very clearly to me, with what fit me the best.

There is a local team who thinks, lives, builds, and interacts the way I do. This group holds to my same principles and ethics, all have family they treasure, all have a deep desire to do their best on every project and provide their clients with the best service they can. All strive for excellence, but not at the expense of their morals, their health, or time with their family. Equally important, my skills and experience are a perfect compliment to theirs, and vice versa. As a whole, we will all be much greater together than any of us could be individually.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dori, Hugh, Keith, and Tim over the last 6 months, and have really enjoyed all the time I’ve spent with this wonderful team.

So, it’s with great excitement, I’m pleased to announce I’ll be joining the Gauged2 team. For the last few months I’ve been referring many of you to them for work because I believed in them and felt fully confident in my recommendation. Now I’ll be part of that team, bringing full Ruby on Rails development services and more than 16 years of IT solution experience to their offerings. We can take your project from concept to a finished online product, providing all the skills needed in between, from creative to design to video production to development, both web and mobile. Our reliable and trustworthy team will provide excellent customer service and a high quality of work. Whether you are a startup in need of consulting and technical advise, an agency in need of a strategic partner, or a large corporation in need of any of our services, I guarantee you won’t regret choosing the Gauged2 team.

I will still be working on my current startups and microprojects, and hopefully launching more in my free time, but the bulk of my focus, time, and passion will be on helping Gauged2 grow even further than they already have in the last 6+ years. It’s a great opportunity and I’m thankful that everything came together to make it happen.