Coders have been using asynchronous communication for years, but now with our new methods of online communication, we are all enjoying its benefits. This is the perfect t-shirt for the way your inner geek prefers to communicate.

I had a blast working with my fellow Gauged2 teammate, Keith Burson, as he brought my slogan to life using his awe-inspiring design skills. Now we need your votes to get it printed!

If you aren’t sure what “Asynchronous” means, it means “not occurring at the same time”. So “Asynchronous Communication” means communication where you don’t receive an immediate response. Synchronous communication is talking in person or on the phone. All these new types of Internet based text communication are asynchronous because the person you are talking with doesn’t necessarily reply immediately. So its a programmer’s term, however, its becoming mainstream thanks to Twitter, Email, Facebook, Texting, Chat, and Google Plus.

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