How to call Stored Procedures from JasperReports
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Jasper Reports is unable to call Oracle stored procedures directly, because procedures do not return standard result sets. As a solution, in Oracle, you can use a stored function to retrieve the results of a stored procedure. There are a few more steps to do this than if you were able to use a stored procedure, but it currently is the only option, if the query you need to do can’t be done with a standard SQL query.
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AJAX Returning HTML (change of opinion)
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After further thought and consideration, I retract my statement that HTML should never be sent back to an AJAX request. There was a reason I made that statement, however I can’t fill you in on it yet (hint: I have to wait for a future software release). But, even with that reason, I have no issue with using HTML in an AJAX response. I wrongly applied a wise and fully correct architectural principle, which I will elaborate on in a future post, to the AJAX situation.

Hopefully at some point in the future, I can go into more detail on why I first wrongly concluded that this should never be done. Until then, rest assured, I will use whatever format fits the circumstance (JSON, HTML, XML).

More on Ajax and returning data with or without markup
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Brad Neuberg has a good post that discusses further the pros and cons of returning data to your Ajax requests, with out without markup.


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