I live in Central Florida and have been an Internet Software Developer since the beginning of the world wide web.

I began learning to code when I was seven years old, back in 1978, with a TRS-80 Model 1. From that point on I never stopped writing software and transitioned into Internet based software and web sites back when the world wide web was in it's early days (1994).

After working for one of the first ever Internet development companies and coding one of the first e-commerce sites, I would go on to focus on J2EE (starting with Javaserver Pages), working as an architect for some very large applications, and after ten years transition into Ruby on Rails where I would remain for the last fifteen years.

During my career I have worked for a wide range of company sizes and industries. I have been self-employed, worked for IBM and Intercontinental Hotels as a J2EE architect, worked for Miley Cyrus using Ruby on Rails to create her community web site, and lead all software development for four Rails sites at a family focused non-profit since 2015 (Family First).

I have helped the mayor of Tampa launch a hackathon, competed in two world wide 48 hour hackathons, placing in the top 10 the first year, and 4th the second year. I have taught Ruby on Rails with Iron Yard, worked for Github, and had my startup, Commendable Kids, accepted into the first year of the Tampa Bay Wave venture acceleration program.

I created a web site used by Asics in the New York City and LA marathons to support the runners with custom recorded messages by family and friends that play on large video billboards as the runner passed by.

Through all of this, I have had the privilege of a close relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have been a husband, a father, and now a grandfather. I have homeschooled my children, served as a deacon and treasurer at church, trained in Martial Arts for 15 years with one black belt and multiple other belts, and completed a Spartan race.

When I'm not building web sites and applications, I like to spend time with family, study scripture and theology, worship, sing hymns and psalms, read (40+ books a year), travel, hike, workout, and fellowship with fellow Christian men, pursuing Biblical masculinity in all I do.

I pray God will allow me to play a part, even if tiny, in the next Reformation.